June 3, 2020

Food Stamps Eligibility – Are You Eligible?

Many people will fall on hard times this year. The job market continues to be difficult for many people and there may not be much one can do, for now. However, help is available from the federal government, and you have a right to many benefits to assist you and your family in times of difficulty. Here are some things to know about food stamps eligibility.

food stamps eligibility


Food stamps are now called SNAP, which stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This new name for the program reflects recent changes that have been made. There are several things to consider, to find out if you qualify for this form of federal assistance.

Your Net Worth or Total Resources

To determine if you qualify for assistance, your total resources will be considered. In most cases, those total resources should not exceed two thousand dollars. If a household member is over the age of sixty or disabled, the amount is raised to three thousand dollars. However, several things will be counted, when considering your total resources.


Your home and land will not be figured in your total amount for resources. Also if you are receiving SSI payments, these will not be included, and most pensions plans will not count toward the total, either.


In some cases, your licensed vehicle will not count toward the total resources allowed. However, the vehicle must meet certain qualifications. These qualifications are listed below.

1. Vehicles used to make a living – this may include a work truck for hauling materials.

2. If you have a long distance to travel for work, your vehicle may not be included. However, this does not cover normal commuting.

3. Vehicles used as a home. For example, you may live in a RV type of home.

4. Transporting the disabled. Vehicles like special vans or any vehicle that transports a disabled family member will not count.

5. Vehicles with little equity – if you still owe on your vehicle and the total value is under $1500, it will not be used to figure total resources.

6. Each adult household member will be allowed one vehicle with a value of more than $4650.

7. Household members under 18 may have a vehicle to get to school, work, or to look for employment.

Income to Consider

The total income of the household is considered when determining qualifications. If your income is over the set limits, you cannot receive SNAP. However, it you are disabled or receiving public assistance of some kind, these things will not count.

Special Tools

The process of figuring income qualifications can sometimes seem complicated and hard to understand. There are many different scenarios to look into for income qualifications. It is best to go to the website of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service and download their pre-screening tool. This will allow you to input your personal information and it will compute all of the necessary factors. Remember, this is only a tool for pre-screening and it is not an actual application.


Determining food stamps eligibility can sometimes be a complicated process. The best thing to do is visit the website of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service. While there, you can download their tool to help you determine if you qualify or not. All you have to do is put your personal information in, and it will do the rest.

For more information, click here: http://dss.sd.gov/foodstamps/eligibility/

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